In this Category the "Department of Professional Education Quality Assurance" publishes relevant regulations and results of evaluation in master's study programmes.

1.    Quality standards of the evaluation conception
1.1     The Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia (PAARA) has in its Mission Statement decreed that PAARA is the initiator for the qualification of junior employees in public administration/economy.
1.2    A required excellent quality of teaching means:
o    Learning and teaching take place in the conscious that we together bear on a partnership basis responsibility. We set great value upon the integration of   modern didactic methods.
o    PAARA offers attractive possibilities as a result of an efficient cooperation be-tween academic self government and administration.
o    the quality and sustainability of academic achievements will be measured.

Evaluation questionnaire - English version

This questionnaire should be used by all lecturers who teaches online courses. But they are also free to create own questionnaires as a supplement to this given questionnaire.