Aspects of successful scientific work for achieving  a graduate level of research as an useful contribution to knowledge.

- The meaning of scientific work

- How to develop systematically and how to present in a proper way?

- How to organize a time schedule for the master thesis?

- How to research and exploit literature?

- How to excerpt literature effectively?

- How can a question be developed corresponding to the thesis?

- How to convince the advisor  of my topic?

- How literature sources can be presented in references (footnotes) and bibliography?

- What is the structure of master thesis?

- How to cite special sources?

- Bibliography

Impact oriented Public Management

The Effective Public Manager – An answer how on to solve problems in public administration?

I.   Introduction – From Public Administration to New Public Management (NPM)

II.  What is the meaning of modernization of Public Administration?

      • Terms and definition
      • Input Orientation versus Output/Outcome Orientation

III. Strategical Management Concept

      • Mission – Vision – Values
      • Core principles of impact oriented Public Management

IV. Impact oriented Public Management – Developments

      • Overview on reform projects – Germany: New Steering Model (NSM)

V.  Reforms in the public sector of Armenia, Local Government Reform