Master study program „Master of Public Administration“

Degree:                                           Master of Public Administration (?)

Study begins:                                  01.09.2017

•   Extra occupational (in addition to one’s job) distance learning in combination with presence study phases

•   Continuous and intensive supervision (support/maintenance) of students during distance learning phases

•   Master’s graduation after successful pass through of all module exams and defense of master thesis

Target group/Conditions of admission

•   Employees of public administration with BA degree or equivalent degree

•   Persons who didn’t or couldn’t continue their studies after BA

Benefit for students

•    Attainment of a qualifying internationally recognized scientific university degree, Master of Public Administration (MPA),

•    Postgraduate professional education of employees in the public sector and other employees alongside their professional activity

•    Specific preparation of long distance learners for future management functions

•    Distance learning enables women to combine their academic qualification with their family duties and education of children. Therefore

     it is a benefit for those women who had no possibility to continue their presence study after bachelor degree because of being married.

•    Scientific based and practice oriented education and qualification

•    Scientific based dealing with projects and problems of public administration or private economy in the framework of master theses.

•    Possibility to study after master graduation PhD-study programs

•    Support and preparation for obligatory participation in internships

Family friendly conditions

•           Part time studies are possible

•           Only a few presence study events

•           Flexible study duration

•           Hugh percentage of self-studies